Colorectal Cancer Patient Conference (CCPC)

EuropaColon will host the 2nd CRC Patient Conference (CCPC 2013) in Barcelona, Spain on 5th-6th July 2013 alongside the World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancers. The purpose of CCPC 2013 is to sustain EuropaColon's efforts to combat CRC in Europe to engage, educate, inform & support CRC patients alongside all relevant stakeholders. EC has extensive relevant experience of cooperation at EU level. The objective of CCPC 2013 is to maintain a platform for cooperation and exchange of CRC information, sharing  successful strategies for CRC prevention & control whilst motivating key parties & addressing the general public on all matters relating to CRC in Member States. Our target participants for CCPC 2013 will include 300+ delegates & representatives (patients, carers, clinicians, affiliate / associate members, National Health Authorities, politicians, media & EAACP). In line with the EC Code of Conduct on the importance of patient involvement, registration will be free.  Click here to register.


The programme of CCPC 2013 will address the following key topics:
  • Recent and future advance in CRC treatment
  • Examples of best practice and the benefit for patients
  • Challenges in access to best treatment and care in EU member states: the importance of lobbying
  • Interactive workshops
The full agenda is currently under review and will be posted soon.

Sponsoring Information

EuropaColon will be advertising and marketing the conference to our 21 Affiliates and Associates groups across Europe. In addition, our sister organisation Global Colon Cancer Alliance will be promoting the conference on an international level. The opportunity to take part in such an ethical and transparent consultation would ensure benefits for both sponsor and the CRC community as a whole.

Among the benefits which sponsorship will offer are:
  • Demostrate commitment to society and corporate responsibility - strengthening credentials as a socially responsible brand
  • Provide a unique insight into the experiences and current needs of CRC patients
  • A chance to network with stakeholders and key opinion leaders across Europe and globally
  • Allow a transparent and ethical dialogue with various stakeholders
  • Impacting the developments of the market for CRC screening and diagnostic treatments, products and services
CCPC 2013 Corporate Sponsorship Pack
CCPC 2013 Pharma Sponsorship Pack
CCPC 2013